Premium Home Loans Perth

Nationwest Premium Home Loan perth

Nationwest Premium Home Loans perth

Nationwest Home Loans Perth

Nationwest Premium Home Loan

The main features of our Premium Loan are:

  • Variable rate with fixed rate options.
  • Ability to split the loan into different parts.
  • Free redraw on variable splits or the 100% offset account.
  • ATM card available on variable splits.
  • Pay your wages into the Home loan on variable splits.
  • 100% Offset Account.
With this highly flexible loan which permits a vast array of choices, you can say goodbye to your bank forever!

In essence, our Premium loan offers you the opportunity to use your home loan as your bank account. Therefore, you can minimise the interest and reduce the capital sum owing under your mortgage as quickly as possible. This loan is bundled with an ATM card that can be used is most ATMs and EFTPOS facilities in Australia and also overseas.

The loan permits a high level of flexibility and it can also be split into four parts. For example, you can have one account which receives your wages, and another account that has a fixed rate. A third account can be used for your car loan and the fourth split is available for investment purposes. In addition, there are various options where you can also choose to have a cheque book and a set amount of free transactions each month.

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